Jan Marini C-Esta Face Serum will fight fine lines

Jan Marini Skin Research team has done it again! Once again, they have decided to give us mature women, something that we are in dire need, a vitamin C serum to boost the collagen level of our skin. They have in fact resuscitated this serum that they had created years ago, back in 1994 when it was first introduced to the public: C-Esta Face Serum.

I was lucky enough to secure one of these 30 ml silver airless pump bottles and have been using it since.  To quickly describe it to you, you will pump one pump and you will see that the serum is a light liquid, which is yellow and slightly orange in color, smells like oranges, and is rapidly absorbed by the skin.

As I did clean my face and removed all makeup, I followed it by a mask, and now it is time to use my Vitamin C-esta serum. I apply quickly two small pumps in the palm of my hands, rub my hands together for  a moment then apply it on my face, and it is gone already. A note by Jan Marini in a lovely card accompanied this product and in it, it said apply one pump only. But I am a bit generous with my products and wanted to make sure my entire face is covered so I used 2 small pumps.

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Dupes to high-end makeup

Did you know?

You can stay focused with speedball created by special ops marines

Try this ($10) at least once in your life:

This one works believe me:
My all time favorite one and only:
Using this one daily: and loving it

Basic Beauty Tools has created a foundation sponge and a tool where you place your wet sponge to let it dry.

Nudu skincare is all natural and from New Zealand, try it!
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Pureology Color Fanatic Leave in treatment

Summer is here and I am going swimming or at least I was going swimming before my fall and injury.. but once I heal I will be able to go again to swim. I have been looking for a great shampoo, conditioner and hair oil or spray. I did a bit of research yesterday and decided to purchase a few products from this brand that is very expensive but I had not used before. It is called Pureology. It is also made here in USA and I heard it has been purchased by L’Oreal, the giant cosmetics company. Some reviews say that since it has been purchased by L’Oreal, some of the formula of their products has been altered and modified.

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Products I would not repurchase and what I would get instead | June 2017

In this video, I am going to talk about some products that I bought, maybe enjoyed for a little while, but eventually decided they were not right for me.. I would probably not purchase these again, but I would get instead other products that I am actually loving. Find out what are these products and share your thoughts :0)

A. Basic Beauty Tools: Foundation sponge and spongedry (sponge holder) – Go to and save 15% with this code: AMYMIRANDA15 plus you get free shipping for over $24 orders.

B. Nudu skincare is all natural and from New Zealand, try it! Save 20% with code AMY20

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Exuviance AGE REVERSE Hand Rejuvenator | banish your hand’s brown spots

With all my experience using Exuviance skincare, I have never been disappointed. I must say that this company is dedicated to constantly look for new ways to make women of all age look younger and preserve their beauty longer. As a middle aged woman, I am paying careful attention to all their creations and this time is no exception. I have received a duo of hand products to test and try and share my thoughts on the duo with my audience.
This is a beautiful set of 2 skincare products — not for your face or your body — but just for your hands. You know that you can tell someone’s age by looking at their hands. I recall this famous hsn sales lady who had had a facelift and at 75 looked like a 45 year old yet there were two things that a careful eye could see and that would give away her age: her hands and her shaky voice. Nothing wrong with aging, but if you are taking such good care with your face, why should you also not take good care of your hands.. mainly the brown spots that appear as we age. I have a few light brown spots. When I was in my twenties and went to swim every summer in the Mediterranean sea, it never occurred to me that I was damaging my skin by sunbathing and swimming in those hot days. So later in life you pay the price.
I also remember a billboard I had seen during my years in Sydney, Australia. The text on the billboard, I read it and never forgot it. It said: “Fry now, Pay later!”.. You perhaps are aware that Australia has the largest number of skin cancer each year. Each year about 250,000 are diagnosed with melanoma, which is the name for skin cancer. People who live in Australia have fair skin, and they like to go to the beach a lot, so at the end a lot of young men and women get skin cancer. Anyway, I digress.
To remove the brown spots on your skin, you apply the peel with a cotton bud, sweep the soaked cotton pad on the back of your hands 2 or 3 times, then apply the cream. Et voila.. do this for 12 weeks, then examine your hands again and see if the brown spots have diminished..
So the same way you do a face peeling, you do the same for your hands.
Your hands are probably washed more often than your face, several times a day, right? But you also know that your hands touch everything every minute you are awake, from morning till the time you go to bed.. so there are plenty of cells that are sitting on the surface and the skin needs to be rejuvenated. Dark spots are visible on mature women hands generally. Things you cannot avoid. Things that happen with age. Same way as you wake up one morning to see that you have hooded eyelids suddenly out of nowhere, the same way you will also notice some brown spots on your hands.. Don’t despair! there is hope! Thanks to exuviance, this company constantly continues to create products for women so that they can stay younger longer.
In my case, I am not expecting them to fully disappear but if they diminish, that means we are on the right track.
Ok about the product. Let’s see. First you get a bottle that looks like eye makeup remover. This turquoise color bottle contains a liquid that is the main product, and you use a cotton bud to pump some of the liquid and gently sweep the cotton pad a few times over your hands. In my case I go over my wrists as well, as I have some brown spots on my wrist and above. Next you squeeze a little bit of the cream from the tube, and massage it over your hands. Feel free to go to bed with the cream on your hands, and if you wish to wear a glove that would be even better. In my case, I can’t wear a glove. In the morning you can repeat the same thing if you want to, and leave the cream for an hour before washing. If like me you prefer to do this ritual at night only, then that’s ok. Continue this treatment for 12 weeks (3 months) and then examine your hands and let’s see if you are happy with the look of your hands.
What does the peel contain? It has 10 % citric acid peel which is anti-aging.
I noticed the cream has a beautiful scent.. sometimes I get turned off by the scent of some creams and I think it is important the scent is pleasant rather than heavy and oily.. This cream went onto my hands like a charm, it was absorbed instantly and I loved the scent so much I kept smelling my hands twice!
Exuviance says: With potent anti-agers CitraFill®, NeoGlucosamine® and Apple Stem Cell Extract, the Hand Rejuvenator Cream helps diminish all the signs of aging on hands; crepiness, loose skin and dark spots, restoring hydration and firmer, younger looking hands.
Key Ingredients: Citric Acid, NeoGlucosamine®, CitraFill®, Apple Stem Cell ExtractSize: Hand Rejuvenator Peel 4.4 fl oz, Hand Rejuvenator Cream 2.6 oz
Price: $65

Where can you buy this product from? well more than one place, but one that is sure to have it now is the company itself. Go to and check this product out.

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QLABO Eauphoria and Collagenerous | Anti-aging duo

Collagenerous Advanced Youth Rejuvenator

I always get a bit excited when I am holding in my hands a brand new product, because I await with anticipation to see the results of yet another skincare product. What is Qlabo products? What are they supposed to do? the brand is designed and engineered in Singapore but manufactured in Switzerland.

The first product is called Collagenerous. It is also described as Advanced Youth Rejuvenator. I am so glad I have this product because it applies and sinks into the skin easily and there is no sticky after feeling. Plus let’s see all the good things it brings to our skin. You know that anything you put on your skin goes into your body right? so you don’t want really to have perfume, parabens and fillers in a cream, because all that is going to go into your body through your skin and bloodstream.

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