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A brush for skincare application? Why?

Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set, in Coffret

Retail price: a whooping $225.00 directly from Artis

Ever since Mac came out with their first spoon shape brush, I was intrigued. I did not wait long to indulge and buy my first mac spoon brush in the medium size. It was nice and soft and something new, totally out of the box and the mainstream ideas.

About a year after that, artis was born! The creator of these brushes who created them for mac, decided to start his own, and came up with the first set of spoon shape brushes for the face and the eyes.. then the rest is history. From there on he evolved to different shapes of the handle, from long to short to no handle at all. I was happy to try them all, and paid the whooping prices to get my first set of 9 fluenta brushes for $445. The came the ‘palm’ a brush without a handle, and then came the digit..

I wanted to get the digit, I was very curious about it as it was advertised to be used for cream skincare products only. I even remember calling the company to ask them if these can be used to apply foundation and they said no. these brushes apparently have a different type of fiber and don’t work well with foundation. I never tried them with foundation, because my fear was what if I cannot clean them and what if the foundation sticks and ruins these brushes. At the same token, often in a bit of a hurry, I used my fingers to apply my skincare.

In the pictures, I am showing you the oval 8 and the medium oval 6 brushes only.

These brushes are made in China.

In the set you buy, there are 3 more small brushes to use on the eye area. In all, the large brush which I used the most, is very soft, more soft than your average artis brush. Is it worth it? It is totally up to you and what you believe you want to spend on brushes. These days brush prices are crazy.. some are worth it and some are not, but it is up to you to decide which one is a must and which one is not. For me, it was worth it. Just holding this beautifully crafted short handle, modern looking brush in my hands, gives me this impression of luxury that I love. But overall is it really worth it? For me it is.

Now it has been almost 7 months since I bought them. They really are the softest artis brushes. I wanted to take a few macro photos of these brushes to show you how they look like now that they are not brand new anymore.

These brushes come in a set of five brushes. These 2 are the only ones I have used. I don’t think I will be using the small brushes that are for eye skincare application. When you buy the set, it comes in a coffret, that is more for display than for practical use. While I like the fact that they come in some sort of a box, I find the box or coffret to be huge.. and not really practical. Say you are going somewhere on a vacation, do you see yourself carrying that huge coffret with you? I just leave it in my makeup room, but keep these 2 brushes close to me.

The way they look is nice. The handle color on the top is a silvery white, while the inside or when you turn the brush with the bristles facing the sky, the color of the handle is silver. The surface is smooth, and the handle size itself is practical by being short. If you have large hands, this may be too short for you. Even for me I wonder if a little bit more length just a tiny bit, would have been better.. But as I said, the journey continues with artis, and idea after idea, the brushes are evolving. If you don’t say what you think the creator will not know about your thoughts, and they will keep the same flaws without realizing there are some flaws on their brushes. Now I will also post the description of these brushes, just as on the website of the creator, so you can make up your mind if you are interested in purchasing skincare brushes. These are a novelty for sure, but I am not sure they are a necessity or an absolute must for every woman.

Want to see my initial review of these brushes? here is my youtube video.

Do you love artis products? Have you seen this palette? It is a very innovative product!

As the name implies, the shape of the handles for this Collection is inspired by the shape of the human finger, slightly bent as it applies using the finger tip. This remarkable Collection makes its partial debut in the form of a limited edition, specialized, 5 Brush Skincare Set, housed in a beautiful Coffret.

Artis developed the original CosmeFibre to replace animal hair and better apply makeup products. Artis has now tailored CosmeFibre into CosmeFibre SC [SC=skincare], an advanced proprietary fibre variation that incorporates additives/coatings that respond even better to more emollient formulas, like creamy or thick skincare formulas, serums and masks. The CosmeFibre SC manufacturing process creates fibres that deliver remarkable performance, and improve cleanup after use of emollient formulas.

The Artis Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set offers many unique attributes:

  • The patented Artis Digit Brush design includes angling the fibre bundle to be more perpendicular to the handle.
  • This orientation makes the brushes more ergonomic and easy to hold and manipulate.
  • Offers superior application of skincare formulas, including serums, moisturizers, tonics, treatments and masks
  • The new Digit Design Skincare Collection brushes use the proprietary CosmeFibre SC [SC=skincare], which is an engineered fibre tailored to perform exceptionally well with skincare formulas.
  • CosmeFibre SC still provides the Artis superior application performance for makeup product formulas as well.
  • Product application is more even and uniform, contributing to an enhanced result
  • Because product is more efficiently applied, less product is wasted by being trapped inside the fibre bundle
  • Ergonomic design offer User more precision, comfort and control during application
  • Sleek contemporary design is consistent with Spa-like aesthetic
  • Set is housed in a beautiful modular Coffret for either storage or presentation
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mega sephora brush haul and how to master your brush stokes


I could on and on talking about brushes.. I just watched myself while editing this video and noticed that I am giving far too much information on how to use each brush.. but hopefully you can benefit from it and you can master your brushing techniques.
If you manage to watch the entire 20 minutes you will find there is a little fun moment in it..



SEPHORA PRO Contour Brush #79

SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Precision Powder Brush #59

SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Core Diffuser #94

SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Featherweight Blending Brush #93

SEPHORA PRO Flawless Bronzer Brush #46





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I love this jurlique makeup removing oil a lot!

Using this daily ~ Jurlique rosewater mist

I want to try ~ Matte liquid lipstick smashbox

You must have one of these Terracotta bronzing powder Guerlain

A great face primer Mineral Veil Hourglass


✦ All and any products shown in this video were purchased by me except where otherwise mentioned and noted. ALL BRUSHES WERE BOUGHT BY ME, NOT ADVERTISING FOR SEPHORA!
✦ My opinions are genuine and honest, sometimes candid but I remain authentic and true to myself.
✦ I like to think outside the box and don’t necessarily follow trends.
✦ Please participate in discussions, comment and connect, respectfully as all opinions may vary.
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There is a new kid in brush town, and it is made in France, oh la la!


With the expertise of its backstage makeup artists, Dior has created a professional line of brushes for perfect, simple makeup application. For use with your Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation (sold separately), this innovative brush combines the responsiveness of synthetic fibers with the softness of natural fibers. Both layered and tapered, these fibers help blend the foundation for fast, easy application. The brush head is angled in order to blend in a greater quantity of foundation and obtain greater coverage with a totally natural and radiant finish. The skin is like a canvas, and makeup the medium, so it seemed only natural for Dior to join forces with Raphaël, the art brush master, to produce these finest brushes.

How to use: For an even, natural finish, spray your foundation directly on the face from a distance of 7 3/4″ and buff in with the brush. For a more targeted application, spray directly onto the brush then apply to your face in touches, gently tapping directly on areas that require more coverage. Make sure you hold the bottle at a distance of 4″ when spraying the product on the brush.

  • Brush only. Foundation sold separately.
  • By Dior; made in France.
  • Price: $53 at Nordstrom


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These brushes are a pleasure to use. Especially the one for foundation. I never thought a small foundation brush of this size would be pleasant to use. It may take a minute more than the palm but it is much easier to clean. So now I have to decide which is more important: the speed for covering the entire face, or the fact that it washes easily as opposed to washing and not getting it to clean properly and taking a 2 days dry time.. which one is more important.

Well I like the speed but I also don’t like the face that the foundation no matter how much I spread it on my face when I apply a few dots with my finger, well it snuggles in the center of the large brush and even if I wash it 3 or 4 times in a row, it does not become clean like before. Due to the density of the bristles, the water and soap will not get all the way inside and deep in the brush such as the palm, and so all that hassle disappears when you are dealing with a smaller brush.

Ok I will go for the small brush. It could increase in size a tiny bit. I love the handle size and the material of the handle.. so how come these brushes are so much lower in price as opposed to the initial ones..? I wonder if the company realized that to make them accessible to a wide range of clientele, they needed to lower their prices and use a different marketing strategy, since everyone was buying the imitation of these brushes on amazon.


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Hakuhodo brush pictures | for when you are ready to buy your own

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For this particular blog post I will not be giving any description of the products shown other than tell you these are brushes I bought from Hakuhodo. I tried to take nice pictures so you can do a conscious decision when you buy your own when you are ready.

A second blog post will follow tomorrow to show more pictures, especially the fan brushes which are adorable.

The brushes can be bought from

I bought these brushes myself directly from Hakuhodo located in California.

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