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Why I love my Nudu overnight radiance renew cream

Nudu is a new natural brand that is coming to me from beautiful New Zealand! When I received this set I was very excited to try them and did not expect such high quality and top results. Pleasantly surprised, and using these now on a daily basis now, I want to share my reaction to these skincare products and tell you a little bit about them.

I want you to check out the philosophy behind this brand. Once you read this you will see how ethical and clever the founder of the company is.

First of all, how did they start? how do you start creating something out of the ordinary? lack of natural products on the market in New Zealand, led Liana Ashenden to create her own with the help of world class experts, checking each and every ingredient going into these products. Everything had to be natural, and yet there is a little preservative in order to not allow bacteria to form and grow.

Here is a message from Liana herself to you:

Have you ever wondered why we women put substances ON our bodies that we don’t want IN our bodies?

Most skincare brands add toxic chemicals to their products, yet over half of the chemicals you put onto your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream. This has the potential to seriously damage your health…

I was very upset when I learned about toxins in skincare. I looked everywhere for a natural skincare brand that was safe AND good for my skin. Unfortunately, I found that many natural brands clogged my skin, smelt bad, or didn’t enhance my skin at all.

After a long and frustrating search, I took matters into my own hands. With a team of world-class experts, we looked at every single ingredient for quality, effectiveness, and proven benefits to skin health and beauty.

Nudu is everything I always wanted and could never find in another skincare range. Beautiful natural scents, premium ingredients, proven botanical actives and powerhouse formulas that are safe and effective.

“Finally, you don’t have to worry about poisons while feeling beautiful.”

I am proud of these products. I use them every day, and my skin has a soft, healthy glow. People often tell me I don’t look my age.

A picture of the founder, Dr. Liana Ashenden

Let’s find out a bit more about the ingredients that these products have.

The cleanser is one of my favorites. It is a light gel that you apply on your wet skin and it foams, it is such a gentle and light feeling, yet it removes all impurities within a minute of massaging it on your face. I usually use a small towel soaked in warm water, to remove the gel from my face. The scent is unbelievably beautiful and my only regret is that the size is only 50 ml and I would love to see this product in a larger size like 200 ml. The tube is white and the letters are gold, and there is a gold circle on the cap!

Nudu®Gel Cleanser 1.7 fl oz/50 ml

  • Oily/Normal SkincheckCleans using coconut sugarscheckTightens pores with witch hazelcheckFights bacteria with lemon balmcheckRegenerates your skin with coconut oilcheckSimulates blood flow with horse chestnut

This retails for $18 and you can get it from this location

Then there is also a  cream cleanser that I wanted to mention  as well.

Nudu®Cream Cleanser 1.7 fl oz/50 ml

  • All Skin TypescheckRemoves dead skin cells using pineapplecheckMoisturizes your skin with hyaluronic acidcheckFights wrinkles with anti-aging pomegranatecheckRepairs and softens your skin with pure botanical oils

This retails for $18 and you can get it from this location

My second favorite is the softening moisturizer.. another amazing product and it comes in an airless pump bottle and the size is 30 ml, again a very small size.

This fantastic moisturizer comes in 2 sizes, the 30 ml and the 90 ml. The 90 ml is much more expensive and retails for $162 whereas the smaller size is only $54. I love its consistency, not too heavy not too light, just right, and how it smells.. this product I could use it forever, and I love its packaging, but I wonder it if it would not look nicer in a glass bottle where I can see how much is left but then the glass would be exposed to light and it may harm the product.

Nudu®Softening Moisturizer 1 fl oz/30 mlcheck

  • Anti-Aging For Oily SkincheckSoftens using anti-aging evening primrose and jojoba oilscheckBlasts free radicals with anti-aging berries and elderflowercheckReduces inflammation with echium oil and linden flowercheckClams your skin with cucumbercheckMoisturizes with hyaluronic acid

The eye cream is a white color cream that is very gentle on the skin, and I have been using it now for a few nights, and I like how it feels on my skin. The size of it is the same size as eye creams and serums are in general, as a 15 ml and it retails for $65, a little pricey for me but it will last a while as you only need a little bit.

Nudu®Eye Cream 0.5 fl oz/15 ml

  • Anti-Aging For All Skin TypescheckSoftens using anti-aging safflower, blackcurrant and kiwi oilscheckBoosts your skins elasticity with ribosecheckHeals with chamomile flowercheckCalms with cucumbercheckMoisturizes with hyaluronic acid

The reviving toner is the most affordable. The 50 ml bottle costs $21 and the 150 ml bottle costs $65. It is a good idea to get the kit which contains all these 4 products, plus a sleep mask and an exfoliating sponge which by itself retails for $15. Once you find which product you like and cannot live without, then you buy the large bottle of that product only.

Nudu®Reviving Toner 1.7 fl oz/50 ml

  • All Skin TypesMatches the natural pH of women’s skinHeals with unique New Zealand botanicalscheckMoisturizes at the intercellular level with glycerinecheckRegenerates your skin with coconut oil

This exfoliating sponge is solid at first when you touch it and I like that it is white. Every little detail has been thought of carefully when creating these products. The sponge is $15 and is made of konjac vegetable that you will use when cleansing your face. All these products are amazing, I just wish they were a little more budget friendly. Overall I am very happy with the selection sent to me for review and am grateful for the opportunity.

Nudu®Cleansing & Exfoliating Sponge
Net Wt 0.3 Oz/8g

  • Made from 100% organic konjac vegetablecheckDeep cleansing for your porescheckGentle exfoliation using natural fibercheckSuitable for sensitive skin


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