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When our marines got together in Afghanistan, Ruckpack was born

Do you like a good action movie as much as I do? I enjoy military and action movies. In another life, past or future, I can see myself being or having been in the military but in this one, that train has come and gone.. At this current time in my life, I still need all my strength, my energy, my mental focus in my day to day activities.

In a day and age, where every single day something new happens, you need to remain calm in any unexpected situation, whether you are traveling on a mission or at home, in an office or outside shopping.. things happen every minute of every day and I want to stay sharp. I want to be of control not of others, but of me, of how I react in any situation. Keeping cool is mandatory. It is life saving at times. I want my mind clear and focused, sharp and alert at all times. How do I do that? What food should I consume? What type of drinks should I buy?

When I discovered recently that a group of our marines on day in the fields of Afghanistan, got together and decided to create a special energy drink for themselves and for the US public, I was thrilled, I wanted to know more. So I had the opportunity to try these drinks and will share with you my opinion ! I received my box of Ruckpack energy shots as well as a few cans of ‘speedball’, which I will talk about in a moment.

Let’s begin by talking about Ruckpack COMBAT NUTRITION !

As the name says it, it is for combat, created by special operation marine forces who encounter life and death situations on a daily basis, and each moment is precious.. each second can bring them closer to death or keep them alive. How do they achieve success? They need to remain calm, cool, collected, extremely focused, and have force or energy in their body to deal with situations which may for instance need heavy lifting. How do they succeed? This group of marines created this special energy drink and they use it daily. Now it is available to the public and I am drinking mine as I am writing these lines.

The small bottle can go with you anywhere you like. The taste is absolutely delicious.. and you don’t get palpitations as every single ingredient is selected very carefully. They know what they are doing. This is not an energy drink like you find everywhere else and some of these drinks found today on the market can be outright dangerous. This is packed with only good stuff.. healthy stuff.

Here is my reasoning: If I want to buy a watch, I will go to a store that sells only watches, and all kinds of watches. I don’t go to a shoemaker or a perfume creator or a dressmaker if I wan to buy a watch.. Do you see what I am getting at..? who better than a group of special ops forces to create a well-balanced , healthy, energy drink ? They of course because they know what the body needs to sustain extremely stressful situations, high or very low temperatures, and instances where panic overtakes the mind and the body of a person… Now give this special formula drink to your everyday people, and we can all function better. Our brain will be sharp and alert.

I am going to take one of these mini bottles with me to work daily and when I feel I need a boost of energy I will drink it, mixing it with water in my glass water bottle. You can either drink it directly from the bottle, slowly or fast, whatever your preference is, or mix it with water and drink it. The taste will be milder but it will be much easier to drink something that is diluted. The taste by itself is great, I tasted it and asked my husband to taste it as well. He liked the taste.

Where to buy: Go to http://www.ruckpack.com

What makes this drink so special? a secret ingredient called nootropics!

Here is what the marines have said: We bolster our shots with complimentary brain enhancing ingredients. Nootropics are brain food that enhance memory, focus, mood, motivation, and cognitive functioning. In sports, nootropics can help with mind-muscle communication and coordination during fatigue. RuckPack Energizers are made with the highest quality nootropics and provide lasting energy and focus.

My top favorite multi-vitamin shot is the Energizer with raspberry, and it is non caffeinated. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It naturally boost energy, endurance and focus
  • It amplifies the energy and focus of coffee and tea
  • It boasts the best non-caffeinated blend of taste, energy and focus
  • It reduces any negative caffeine effects
  • It contains extra vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • No sucralose. No synthetic caffeine.

Remember, RuckPack’s active ingredients work synergistically to promote core nutrition, razor sharp focus, instant energy and prolonged stamina. You wake up in the morning and you need to be optimum to function in the office where you get a lot of stress, tension, or when you go shopping with the kids and you need to stay in control. Whatever your situation, go prepared. Put a small bottle in your bag and know you are going to be ok.

In addition to this raspberry energizing drink, this group of marines and special operations forces have created a few other drinks as well. Some are:

One of my other favorite drinks created by this team of special operation forces, is the Speedball can in the flavor called sweet citrus. The taste is simply delicious.. I am not allowed and cannot have any sugar in my diet and this drink has absolutely zero sugar and zero calories, yet it gives you the energy you need. Speeball is a special tea.

Wait! what is speedball again? Here is the exact description by the creators of this tea:

More than a sports drink. More than an energy drink.
Speedball® is a Sports Drink for the Brain. Start with a sports drink packed with premium electrolytes and B Vitamins. Add the brain boosting benefits of Teacrine®, Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, Theanine, and Natural Caffeine, and you end up with an Energized Sports Drink. These powerful ingredients aren’t just for show. Your mind, body, and your taste buds will feel great! With all these powerful ingredients, we use a modest 120mg of Caffeine to boost the system just enough without causing an overload to the central nervous system. Zero Calories. Zero Sugar. Speedball is the perfect fusion of Tea and Science.

I can go on and on about these products, but I am going to let you try them, and decide for yourself, and if you go right now to their website, they have a sale going on, so it is a great time to take advantage and use this quality drink. I was also provided a code BB120 which if you use when ordering, will give you 20 percent off your purchase price.

Where to buy: Go to http://www.ruckpack.com and make your selection

Remember there is a sale going on right now. Save money and help our marines. This is a small company that does not have the power of giant companies, I am all for helping them succeed. After all they are the ones helping us everyday to stay safe and be safe in our country. If they lose one of their team members on duty, defending our country, the least we can do is support our troops and marines.I won’t end this post without giving you a discount code for 20 % off : BB120

Simply add this code BB120 before checking out and save money.

Here is what a US sniper said about this product:

Saw this on Shark Tank advertised as ‘good enough for a Sniper.’ Well, guess what? I am a Sniper! And I am in combat so… I tried it. I am totally sold!! This stuff rocks. I actually prefer the caffeinated version. It doesn’t make me jittery and I feel alert and awake in the field and no crash. Love this…


In this last photo here, I have all I need within reach. My German shepherd is resting at the foot of my bed, I have my laptop and my drink. What more could I ask for. Well world peace maybe, but that is not happening anytime soon!

I got the opportunity to try this product at a discount and wanted to share my experience with you my friends!

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